Our Family

These are the folks who actively and graciously donate their time to helping me build this dream every step of the way......

Louis Sparre and Tweed Video-  There aren't enough words to describe the gratitude and admiration I have for Louis and the folks at Tweed.  They are responsible for just about all of the multimedia and stunning images that I have to date and have provided me with countless opportunities to create music for other video projects servicing nationally renown clientele.  Tweed Video is a full-service production company based in Old City, Philadelphia. Tweed was founded in 2011 by MTV Alum Louis Sparre after sharpening his teeth working on videos for artists like Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Phoenix, The xx, Moby and many others. Now his in-house crew of cinematographers, directors, and animators handle everything from the initial storyboard to post-production color correction and original music composition. Fortune 50 companies and up-and-coming nonprofits alike depend on Tweed’s team to infuse their videos with personality and style. For more info, call 267-318-7032 or visit TWEEDVIDEO.COM

LisaBeth Weber and CreativeBizHub-  LisaBeth is a spiritual sister and confidant and has been an invaluable resource in every facet of my career.  From assistance with writing and editing, to PR work, to singing harmonies during shows, or just being that listening ear at the end of the phone.  LisaBeth is an accomplished singer songwriter, artist, and writer and is an incredible resource on so many levels.  If you need to take your business to the next level and need a person who can where many different hats she is your lady.  Find out more at CREATIVEBIZHUB.COM

John Fachet and Sweet Creek Studio-  Through the year long process that it took to create "RISE UP"  John and I have become partners and friends.  From the moment I walked into Sweet Creek I felt at home and at ease.  John has a special knack for working with artists and getting the best out of them.  His patients and ears are second to none and he is truly a master at helping an artist find their unique voice.  He will work with you in any way he can to complete a project maintaining a positive and humble attitude through out the process.  I have been involved in several projects at Sweet Creek other than my own and through each one John was consistently on point, efficient, and humble.  If your goal in doing a recording project is to get the best performances out of yourself and to have a blast doing it Sweet Creek is the place to do it.  Check out their website at SWEETCREEK.COM

Alexis Zanias and Karla's Restaurant and Bar-  Home of my weekly Community Stage which happens every Thur night from 8-12 in New Hope PA.  The Community Stage has been an important anchor for me and for the musicians it serves for over 5 years.  Every week the talent pours in and one by one contributes to what is always a fantastic and unique night.  This is all made possible by the support and cooperation of  Karla's staff and management.  Karla's is an institution of New Hope and has been operating under the same ownership for over 30 years.  It's quaint european style atmosphere provides the perfect setting for friends of all walks of life to come together, to sing, laugh, eat, and drink the night away.  To learn more about Karla's head to the website at KARLASNEWHOPE.COM


Heritage Conservancy- Now in our 4th season Heritage Conservancy and I have partnered up to creat the Concerts In The Garden Summer Concert Series.  The series runs on the 4th Tuesday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm, from May-September at the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown PA. It is a free and all ages event featuring local and regional talent, food vendors, and educational materials. Working with these incredible folks has been such a privilege and over the years we have built this community event into something really special.  Heritage Conservancy serves Bucks and Montgomery counties, and is committed to being the region’s premier, nationally accredited conservator. They are a community based organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of significant open spaces, natural resources, and our historic heritage. To date, Heritage Conservancy has facilitated in the preservation of over 14,000 acres of open space, farmland, wildlife habitat, and important watershed areas in Bucks and Montgomery counties. This preserved land helps to protect water quality and the quality of life for your community. The Conservancy has also designated more than 600 historic structures on its Register of Historic Places, which recognizes the historic and architectural integrity of the structures that comprise the character of this region. To learn more go to HeritageConservancy.org